Hebei Daren ,Chrome Oxide Green Factory from China, specialized in producing chrome oxides series grades for pigment, refractory, ceramics, etc. applications.
chromium Oxide Green PG17-Chrome Oxide Green  Pigment-Chrome Oxide Green Factory: Hebei Daren Chemical Co., Ltd.

chromium Oxide Green PG17

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chromium Oxide Green PG17

This type of chrome oxide has green grass color, Average Particle size about 2.0um, Low hexavalent content. 

it's mainly selling to EU, the US. Thailand, Taiwan etc. Countries and regions.

Main Applications:

Plastics: Masterbatch, rubber etc.

Coatings: Paints , industrial, powder, high temperature resistant coatings etc.

Industrial:    Cement, concrete, glass and ceramics, building materials etc.