Hebei Daren ,Chrome Oxide Green Factory from China, specialized in producing chrome oxides series grades for pigment, refractory, ceramics, etc. applications.
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Q: How many types of chrome oxide green does your factory produce and what are their applications?

A :We are produce it with DR-01, DR-02,DR-03,DR-04,DR-R,DR-GN, DR-ST,DR-SS etc.types of chrome oxide green.
    They are mainly for pigments and coatings, Refractories,Polishing, electronics,Metallurgical,Builing materials, 

    Ceramics etc.applications.

Q: What are packings for your Chrome Oxides ?

A : Our Typical Packing : a)   25 kg net paper bags, 40 bags on one pallet.
                                        b)   Jumbo bags of 1000kgs is available.
                                        c)   or Per customers' request.

Q: Are you "REACH Registered" and ISO certified?

A :Yes,  We are REACH Registered and ISO Certified Chrome Oxides Factory From China.

Q: What's the lowest Cr6+  your factory can produce ?

A: We can produce Chrome Oxide Green with Cr6+  0ppm Max.

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